What Do We Do?

Our podcast, Four-Finger Shotguns is a satirical look at the world of technology, the internet, and podcasting. We’ve expanded the show to include an interview, wrapped around a couple of comedy segments. What’ll we do next?

Become a Patron!

While we ramp up our other operations, we’re making available our equipment and expertise to help you develop and produce your podcast or other recorded audio project.

We have microphones and interfaces that can connect to your computer and software, or we can use ours along with our software. We use Logic Pro X for our editing, but there are free alternatives such as Audacity for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows.

Andy and Debbie have years of experience doing interviews, producing scripts, and researching topics. A well-developed podcast goes the extra mile to make sure the host is prepared with a theme, a topic, and an outline to rescue them from digressions and tangents.

Make an appointment to sit down with us and we can discuss how we can help you develop your idea into a polished final product that you can be proud of.