Four-Finger Shotguns

Four-Finger Shotguns, Zip! Bang! Wow!'s comedy podcast

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Hi, I’m Jonnie Wilder.

I’ve heard people say before that “you aren’t what you do, you are what you love”. I love technology, I love Seattle, and I love to make people laugh.

In my mis-spent youth, during the late summer of 1988, I helped start the alternative weekly newspaper, The Onion, in Madison, Wisconsin and I became their “production thaumaturge”.

Four-Finger Shotguns is Zip! Bang! Wow!’s first podcast. It’s the spiritual ancestor to the column I used to write each week for The Stranger, “Inside & Out”, featuring meandering musings on technology, culture, with some hopefully humorous bits thrown into the mix. Now in podcast form, I’m asking people working in Seattle’s tech community how they navigate the boom, snidely commenting on how Seattle has managed to survive being perpetually ruined by newcomers for so long and yet everyone still wants to live here.

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