Podcasting Lunch + Learn Livestream

Jonnie from Zip! Bang! Wow! spills all our precious podcasting secrets to a sitting-rooom only crowd in the Main Event Space at the Seattle Impact Hub in Pioneer Square.

Thanks to everyone who attended: it was a huge success.

The livestream archive is now live!

(#livestreamfail I neglected to check to see if the audio from the lavaliere microphone was being recorded, so we just got the channel from the boundary microphone. Still getting the hang of this livestreaming business.)

Watch the hootenanny here: https://youtu.be/qaP20sxxW6U?t=19m10s

The Washington State Podcasters Facebook group is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WAStatePod/

Two Dope Queens meets Radiolab

The TED Talk about giving interviews…


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