Four-Finger Shotguns: Digital Hooliganism with Darby Cox

children under the age of 18 will be
the only ones who get the jokes
and should be discouraged from listening
thus assuring they will listen unsupervised
so they can laugh without feeling ashamed

Digital media, marketing, and public relations wizard, Darby Cox, lounges with us in the grey tower overlooking Second Avenue in Pioneer Square.

She’s a recovering addict, a member of Narcotics Anonymous, and a good friend of the show. She’s also incredibly witty and ascerbic, like the daughter we never had, bless her.

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Shoebill Hamerkop joins us from our real news news studios for a feelings check-in.

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These links got mentioned on the show and you can’t click on sound waves:

From the the rain-slicked streets of the Seattle Metroplex, this is Four-Finger Shotguns for April 25, 2018.

This week has been filled with hippy druggie holidays like “Bicycle Day” the day Abbie Hoffman first took LSD intentionally, “420” after the cop code for pot smoking, and Earth Day or “cool arbor day”.

We’re recording on the day, 2770 years ago, of the founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus — two crazy kids from the semi-mythical city of Alba Longa. They cut the ribbon on the site they, as infants, were suckled by a she wolf.

Like I said, drugs and hippie shit all week long.

So, I figured it was only appropriate that we interview a recovering addict.

I’m Jonnie Wilder, and in the Improvised Impact Hub Isolation Booth with me is my friend Darby Cox.

She’s a marketing and public relations wizard, an artist and musician, and she worked for The Stranger back when it didn’t suck — promoting amazing events throughout the city, through Stranger Tickets. She’s worked in and is currently the digital communications … what … the digital communications coordinator for … uh, what is it? … uh Chihuly Inc, Chihuly Studio? Augh, she’s worked in and is currently the digital communications coordinator for Chihuly Studio. She’s the co-owner of Ox Red Marketing, a business development and media strategy agency.

Lush gigs, each and every one of ‘em.

Welcome to our humble show.


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