Four-Finger Shotguns: Culture Jamming with Jessica Burns

Jessica Burns from the Amazon Kindle User Experience coding team visits the phone booth for like an hour and a half and Jonnie forgets to hit “record”. Culture fit, all-nighter coding sessions, what’s really ruining Seattle?

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From the Impact Hub in the Pioneer Square neighborhood in downtown Seattle, this is Four-Finger Shotguns for April 18, 2018.

Boom boom, boom boom.

I walk through the under construction Cascade Arcology, on my way to work some mornings or just as a pleasant walk on the weekend.

Now, I grew up reading William Gibson novels and playing Sim City 2000, and their depictions of Arcologies were futuristic skyscrapers. The arco-sprawl of South Lake Union is wide, not tall; and home to ten thousand souls, Amazon’s world headquarters, MOHAI, and the Allen Institues for Brain Science and Artificial Intelligence. That’s arcology enough for me.

My Cyberpunk daydreams always featured brightly-lit future metroplexes, their peaks obscured by clouds and bladerunnered by acid drizzle.

In 2018, our corporate overlords conspire and compete with city planners straightjacketed by outdated zoning restrictions that enforce sprawl and make sure everyone keeps their view of the Space Needle.

Housing Affordability and Livability laws succeed at upsetting everyone, and fail at housing the masses that businesses rely on to buy their cheap plastic containers for their artisanal, bespoke wares.

At least the tent and sleeping bag manufacturers are doing well, as anyone can tell by the state of our sidewalks and highway underpasses.

Though the ravings of madmen are delivered in real time to our mobile devices, so are the hopes and dreams of our youth.

The hope in our hearts that we will someday solve these problems has not dimmed. Hashtagged and livestreamed and sanguine and defiant.

I’m Jonnie Wilder, and in the studio with me is Jessica Burns.

She’s a master of Engineering and Technology Management from WAZOO. She went on to crunch numbers for Boeing on their fighter jet and space systems; and in 2015, she threw it all away and retrained in software development, which got her a coding seat at Amazon on the Kindle User Experience team. In her copious amounts of spare time, she’s a mom, helps companies increase employee diversity, and is founding

I can’t believe how lucky we are that she agreed to sit down with us and share some stories from her journey.

Welcome, Jessica.


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