Four-Finger Shotguns TRANSportation episode with Yes Segura

Jonnie and Yes talk about being positive about being trans, a listener poses a trolley problem, and writing about and advocating for autonomous vehicles and the vehicle sharing economy. Plus, K.I.P.P. the crime-fighting, ride sharing autonomous vehicle has a message of hope for the human race.

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As always, thanks to the Impact Hub for their spacious phone booths, delicious coffee and tea, and for accommodating the bothersome braying of an overactive podcasting community.

I’m in the phone booth at the Impact Hub in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of downtown Seattle Washington, and this is a special TRANS-portation episode of Four-Finger Shotguns for Wednesday, April 11th, 2018.

boom-boom, boom-boom

Welcome to the Seattle metroplex, rapidly approaching the year 2020, and the whole world wants to be here coding, building, and deploying the libertarian techno-hellscape envisioned by our overlords Bezos and Nadella. Hallowed be their names.

Even Silicon Valley would rather be in Seattle, but only because they can actually afford a house here.

That won’t last long.

Tech is destroying our fair city, or so we hear. But technology has been blamed for the looming doom of civilization ever since the invention of beer and agriculture, so pardon me if I’m personally a bit skeptical.

Technology can only bring about change if there’s an openness to change. If not, technology will only empower the status quo. But that’s not a reason to eschew innovation.

It’s all the more reason to become open to change.

At Four-Finger Shotguns, we’re bug hunting the DLL that technology uses to interface with culture. I’m Jonnie Wilder, one of the hooligans who started The Onion and The Stranger, and I’ve come out of early retirement to be your host.

Our guest today is Yes Segura, Autonomous Vehicle Transportation Planner.

His credentials include a Master of Science Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Florida State University.

He is recipient of multiple awards for his planning, design and advocacy work.

Yes is the founder and CEO of his own autonomous vehicle and ride-sharing advocacy and consulting agency.

Welcome to our humble show.


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