FFS: Getting to Know You, André Bearfield and Andy Spletzer


Four-Finger Shotguns is Zip! Bang! Wow’s satyrical take on the internet, technology, and podcasting. This is the first installment in a possible format change, or perhaps the evolution of a format that was started a long time ago.

Our guests this week are André Bearfield and Andy Spletzer who both work with Jonnie on various and sundry Zip! Bang! Wow! projects and enterprises. Conversation topics include Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Personal Social Media Policy, Hillary Clinton, Australian Siri, and Fake News.

Back in the olden days, Jonnie used to write a column in The Stranger called “Inside & Out”, which was ostensibly about the production of the newspaper each week. At the time, Jonnie had quite a few hobbies outside the newspaper publishing field, including software development, and used the extra space in the Staff Box for a last-minute, unedited (because the editors had all long-gone home by the time it was written) techno-culture column.

It’s something Jonnie had always dreamed of doing, and so having done it, was sad when they left The Stranger and it couldn’t be done professionally anymore.

Some say, in whispered voices, that very day coincides with the exact same day that The Stranger started sucking.

But now, Jonnie seizes on this opportunity to reassert themselves (along with the liberal use of third-person pronouns and references) into the technology conversation in modern-day, cyberpunk Seattle and continue a long-running, irrational nerd-fetish with the erstwhile Puget Sound Computer User newspaper.

.:| SHOW NOTES |:.

Copycat of Evanston
(Neither Jonnie’s first job, nor where Jonnie learned graphic design, nor even the first time Jonnie used a Macintosh.)
Yelp Review of Copycat of Evanston (Closed)

The Onion
Note the distinct lack of Jonnie in this entry. This is why your teachers won’t let you cite Wikipedia.
The Onion on Wikipedia

Unite-One Facebook
Unite-One website
Friday, April 20th at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard

Facebook / Cambridge Analytica
Ars Technica coverage

Delete Facebook
Facebook’s help center document on how to delete a Facebook profile

Classic Zuck
Zuckerberg: “You agreed to this.”

Episode 2 of Four-Finger Shotguns: Turpentine!


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